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1. Application Area. Definitions.

1.1 The contract between Infancybaby and the Customer must be considered concluded with the acceptance, even if partial, of the order from infancybaby. This acceptance is tacit, if not communicated in any way to the customers. Making an order online, the customer declares to have seen all the information given to him during the purchase and to accept all the general conditions and those which concern the payment written in the following steps.

1.2 If the customer is a consumer (that is to say a physical beign who buys products not for commercial purposes),once he has made the purchase online, he has to print or save the copy of the order and the following general conditions of sale, according to the art. 3 and 4 of Italian Legislation 185/1999 on sales on distance.

1.3 Each right of the customer to a rembursement or compension is exclued, as well as each contractual or extracontractual responsability for direct and indirect damages to people or thing caused by the lack of acceptance, even partial, of an order.


2. Purchase Methods

2.1 Customer can only buy products that he sees at the moment of purchase online visiting the website: infancybaby.co.uk which are widely described in their own sheet.The image that the customer finds inside the sheet is only approximate.It can be different for colour,dimensions and accessories.

2.2. An order can be considered successful when the customer receives through the e mail address he gives to infancybaby a receipt of the order itself. This receipt contains the date and the time during which the order has been made and the number of the order which the customer can use in each communication with infancybaby. The receipt also shows all the personal data written by the customer who should check that everything is correct and immediately communicate possible corrections

2.3 In case of lack of acceptance, infancybaby guarantees an immediate communication to the customer.

2.4 The cost of each product on infancybaby.co.uk, which is shown next to each product, includes Vat. Shipping costs can be seen automatically during the order, after having put products in the cart, before making the payment.