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ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT. Which allows you to perform different exercises and not have the limitation of a fixed height.

STABLE AND STURDY. With a square base, which gives it better stability than the round ones, in addition to four non-slip supports, which in combination make it totally stable to train without problems. Ideal for strength training, it allows you to do push-ups, triceps, pull-ups, leg extensions, abdominal muscles, glutes; ideal for beginners and advanced.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE. With 4 knobs and bolts in a few minutes, 4 holes on each side to fit with the knob, just pull the knob and adjust the holes as you like, no screws needed.

PADDED HANDLE. Reduces wrist pressure and prevents your hand from slipping, offering great comfort during training.

COMPACT DESIGNfor easy storage and transport, allowing for a full-body workout anytime, anywhere. Anyone looking for a good set of parallel bars would be more than happy with this model from Livenea.